What to Get For the Sports Junkie in Your Life

Do you know someone that’s passion is sports? Do you want to know what to get the sports junkie in your life?  Well, if you do, you are in luck. I made a list of the top 5 accessories that every sports fan would want.

  1. American Football Player catching a touchdown passGame day Jersey- Every sports junkie needs their lucky game day jersey; the one they never wash because they have worn it since
    week 1 and their team still hasn’t lost. Your game day jersey can even be customized with your name on the back. If you don’t know what kind of jersey to get for the said sports fanatic, there are only a couple of questions you have to ask yourself before coming to that decision.
    What’s their favorite sport?
    Do they enjoy college or professional sports?
    Who’s their favorite team?
    Do they have a favorite player on that team; if not, do they like the offense or defense better?
    If you can’t come up with an answer to the third question, try to think of the best player on their favorite team and get them that jersey. For example, if they are a Patriots fan but you don’t know who their favorite player on the Patriots is, you can’t go wrong with a Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski jersey.
  2. Tailgating Equipment- Every sports junkie loves tailgating. Not every sports junkie may have the proper
    tailgating equipment. Every tailgate should have these necessary items: cooler, footballs, food, television, radio, tables, etc. If the sports junkie doesn’t have one of these items, make sure you solve that problem for them.
  3. Other sports-wear accessories- You can never go wrong getting a sports junkie any kind of sports-wear, whether it be a hat, team shirt or team shorts. A true sports fanatic can never get enough of his/her team, and I am sure that they would love to show their team spirit as much as possible without having to wear a heavy jersey all the time.
  4. Fathead- This life-sized poster is so big that it can be intimidating, but I am sure that the sports fan you are buying this for won’t mind. When you are getting a fathead for your sports junkie, ask yourself the same questions you did when you were going to buy a jersey. These posters will enhance the game day experience because they are so realistic that you will think they are watching the game with you!
  5. Tickets- Last but not least, the one gift that the sports fanatic in your life will probably go the most crazy over, tickets to watch their favorite team play. Every sports junkie loves the game day experience, and what makes game day better than actually going to the game? Try to buy the tickets a couple of months in advance, this way there is less demand for them and they will be cheaper. If you decide to go all out and get your sports junkie playoff tickets, they will most likely never be able to stop thanking you.


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